Inspired by and filling in for My OB said What?! (until activity is resumed)

Did your care provider’s behavior or comment leave you speechless?

There are many great, passionate, emphatic, kind, gentle, brave and simply professional doctors (especially from the field OB/GYN), midwives, medwives, doulas, nurses, techs, med students etc. out there, but this blog is dedicated for all others – the truly black sheep of healthcare, focusing on everything surrounding pregnancy, labour and delivery, breastfeeding, and pediatrics. Because not surprisingly, where humanity and kindness matter, the lack of these hurts the most, no matter if the reason is naivité, lack of knowledge (which can at least be weighed up by willingness to learn), ignorance or malice.

If you are a health care provider and not among the black sheep, thank you for everything you’re doing. Otherwise, just maybe, you might be able to take with you a small something that might help you to improve your care just a bit.


As soon as we can mobilize the 25 Euro required for upgrading to the no-ad blog feature, there will be no advertisements in this blog. Until then please excuse any inconveniences caused.

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