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Dear readers!

As you might have noticed it’s become a bit calmer. This is not because we’re absent, but because we’ve simply run out of submissions. The blog only lives from your desire to share, and we’re thankful for your generosity and trust. So don’t give up on us yet, but grant us a little of your patience; we’ll be here and post as submissions come in.

Of course, if you have friends in the blogworld or on social networks like facebook who might be interested in sharing their stories, please feel free to go ahead and spread the word (or rather, our blog’s link. Note: although we made a fb account, it’s not really been used for more than referring to the main blog). As usual, submitting quotes and stories to myobsaid@gmail.com directly works just as well.

Kind regards, and wishing you all a successful year filled with good experiences! 🙂

Your moderators


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