“You aren’t having this baby tonight.”

“You aren’t having this baby tonight. I’ll call and check in after dinner.”

OBGYN to mother. She gave birth within twenty minutes, with no Dr in attendance.


3 thoughts on ““You aren’t having this baby tonight.”

  1. Michelle May says:

    YOU are the only person who knows your body. My doctor also almost missed the birth of my first born. I was told to “try to hold my baby in” during contractions while my legs were in stirrups. What a joke! … one of the reasons I’m birthing at home this time! 🙂


  2. dez says:

    This was how I was born, it’s my mom’s story. I was her only unmedicated birth, mostly because nobody had believed that she was progressing so fast. I was caught by nurses, my daughter was caught by a Dr (rather than the CNM I’d planned on). Kinda fun irony!


  3. I had a similar birth!
    After making me wait to push (I was at 10 for 3 hours while the dr was “on his way”) He got there, said I wasn’t pushing strong enough and left the room. I pushed twice and a nurse barely caught my daughter.


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