“For the next one, have a caesarean.”

“For the next one, have a caesarean.”

This was said at the end of the appointment when the patient had had a very bad experience in the maternity ward following unplanned operations for a third degree tear.


4 thoughts on ““For the next one, have a caesarean.”

  1. Katana says:

    OP here, and this was said to me by a doctor that also asked what sort of delivery did I have.
    I had a beautiful waterbirth at a hospital birth centre that only went bad right at the end when I had a third degree tear and was cut the rest of the way. The midwives assessed me and decided to transfer me to the maternity hospital as they didn’t have the skills to fix the tear. I had an operation that night when my baby was hours hold and the midwife and I were desperately trying to give him his first feed. He never really had one until he was two days old, before that it was just expressed drops of colostrum from a syringe.
    But the midwives were still trying to put me on a three hourly feeding schedule, and I didn’t know how.
    Add to that I had to go back to hospital for a revision and they had me fasting from midnight until 2pm the next day as that’s how long it took to get me into surgery.
    So when I was told, very offhand, as I was going out the door, to have a caesarean by a doctir I had never seen before in my life, I was horrified. I don’t want to put myself or my baby through that horrible time we had in hospital, which we didn’t intend at all, we just wanted to come home.
    Thankfully, the surgeon who performed both my operations was much more understanding. She said that if I wait at least a year (which we were planning on) and then get assessed by them in oregnancy I could go back to my birth centre, but I’d have to have a much more managed second strage. Getting out of the pool and perenial pressure, which the birth centre midwife said they can do.


    • dez says:

      I’m sorry your recovery was so tough and that it was difficult to initiate breastfeeding! I’ve had a bad vaginal tear and also one of those rare cervical tears, so I feel for you! I’m glad your surgeon was more understanding. 🙂


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