“You didn’t need to shave for me.”

“You didn’t need to shave for me.”

Male OB to patient while doing a pelvic exam, referring to her trimmed pubes, making the patient feel uncomfortable.


4 thoughts on ““You didn’t need to shave for me.”

  1. Kim says:

    Although this wasn’t meant in a vicious way, it fits the “things you should avoid, lest you’ll be misunderstood and seen as a creep” category. The OB said this, in a slightly teacher-like tone, in response to my remark that I had trimmed the hair down a bit while waiting for an inflamed hair follicle to heal (since it was summer and hot and sweaty). I could imagine that he meant that trimming the hair wouldn’t lower the risk for similar inflammations, but it actually made me feel like I did something wrong… maybe being eighteen and shy had something to do with it, too, but still. 😦

    Unless it’s directly relevant to a health issue, pubic hairstyle, just as the choice to shave leg or underarm hair, should simply not be discussed.


  2. Paige says:

    Thanks for filling in, I hope that you can continue since it seems like the main site will die. If you need more mods I’m sure plenty of the other commenters would be glad to help.


    • No worries, I wouldn’t mind filling in, because there clearly is a need for a place like this (or there), and it’d just be a pity not to continue. However, it depends on people accepting it, too, because if no one decides to submit, nothing will and can happen.

      In the long run it would be useful to switch to a properly built website again, or even a community where everyone can post by themselves instead of submitting, but I had the impression that people liked the submission-style format and wanted to change as little as possible to the original (while hoping for it’s resurrection).

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