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“…you just have a yeastie beastie.”

“Oh yes, you just have a yeastie beastie.”

This was said to a 22 year old patient who presented with an itch at her yearly checkup. When she mentioned that she suspected a specific infection, the OB proceeded to carelessly insert the speculum and dropped this gem as if she were five years old.

(It took 2 years to get the fungal infection treated properly.)

[Sweet Sunday] “I would have brought my equipment and we would have done a home birth.”

Patient: “It was so comfortable at home, but I thought if I waited longer I wouldn’t have been able to get into the car anymore.”

Midwife, smiling: “Ah – don’t you worry, in that case I would have brought my equipment and we would have done a home birth.”

This was said by the midwife in the birthing center after the labouring woman had arrived and expressed that she would have preferred to stay at home longer before coming in, but didn’t dare to. Per contract a birth in the bc was agreed upon and paid for.

“Well, that’s what I just did…”

“Well that’s what I just did. It’s standard practice in this hospital,”

said to patient after she consented to a cervical check ONLY at a standard prenatal appointment. The patient questioned the OB because the cervical exam felt much more painful than any she had experienced in the past. She also indicated that maybe she would consider the stripping of her membranes at a future appointment, after her estimated due date had passed. Upon saying this, the OB indicated that he had stripped her membranes during the cervical check.

This patient did not have informed consent.. and her husband was in the room when the OB admitted what he had just done.